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5 Quick Notes on Running for Little Boys

Running is one sport that little boys need to learn. This is an exercise that helps their muscles and sure way to use up their energy so they will be sleepy enough to take an afternoon nap. That's a good thing, trust me. As a mommy, you need your rest too.

Dabby had the chance to race with little boys ages four and five. We were at a post-christening party and he got to meet lots of little kids in the place.

The first thing they did when they gathered was to explore the place and made the whole "walking up the hump" into a racing game.

Since he was the youngest here, he was always last in their race.He got really tired at his 5th round of back and forth racing that I had to call him to rest. He was already touching his tummy maybe catching his breath. Or because he just ate and was already running thereafter.

Some notes:

1. It's okay to be last. Just don't get hurt.

Just like all moms, I do not want my kid to get hurt. If he can't cope with faster runners and older kids then I do not stress out and insist that he compete. The important thing is that I do not go home with a bleeding kid who scraped his knees or stubbed his toe.

2. Racing is concept that is to be taught.

The same drive that is to compete is one thing I do not insist that he learn as soon as possible. Racing with toy cars, yes. Kids need time to learn competition.

3. Daddy needs to show how it is to race.

And the best person to teach a kid about racing is, of course, Daddy. The dad will be able to show him through fun games.

4. Running shoes are a must for kids.

Dabby was using his Fisher-Price shoes that we bought at  the local SM Mall and the pair is one good buy. It is sturdy and durable that the other one's his Lola bought him from the U.S.

5. Do not let kids run after eating. 
Certainly a No-no. I was not expecting it to happen to Dab since he already ate before we traveled and he had just 4 spoonful of spaghetti during the party.