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Dabby's Calvert Homeschooling PreKinder: Lesson 1

Dabby and I started with our Calvert lessons. This first lesson was merely to test if I can handle being a homeschool teacher-mommy and if my three-year and a half Dabby was up to the challenge of the Lessons which are for 4 year old kids.

For the In and Out lessons which tests his readiness for work, he was able to underline the images on the worksheet using blue and red crayons. He was using both hands and mostly uses his left hand for writing. I have been encouraging him to use his right hand but I think he has chosen his preferred hand for work. I hope I can still be able to teach him easily even if I am right-handed myself.

For his Things to Do, I have given him a sheet to draw anything he wants but of course it was not enough for all his car drawings.

His car drawings have actually upgraded since he includes Peter Rabbit in his drawings who's supposed to ride the car and hit anyone on his way. LOL.