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Fishing Fun at Han Kang Freshwater Pond, Mactan

Location: Han Kang Fresh Water Fishing (Playgound) Mactan Cebu
Address: Soong 1, Brgy. Mactan Lapu-lapu City, Cebu
(032) 495-7854 Mobile : 0917 625 0055
Business Hours: 24 / 7
To-do: Fishing and Dining

How to Get There: 
Ride a tricycle, tell the manong you're going to a Korean Restaurant in Soong 1. Most probably they know the shorter route to get to Soong. We paid Php 60 pakyaw ride to the place. We also had to ask around since we did not know where the place was.

Getting Home: Walk 30 meters from the place to the kanto where there are multicabs

This is what greets you when you walk in the Korean restaurant.

Kuya assisting us in fishing. He prepared the spot, fishing rod, bait, net and places the bait for you on the hook.

Dabby is so excited to catch his fish and can barely give a decent smile for the camera. LOL.

And he caught his first fish...

Daddy gives it a try.

More fishing....

The net where our fishes are in. Manong said that they will die because of the hot water at the side of the pond so we decided to stop fishing.

We asked kuya to put the fishes in bag so we can bring it home and we had to choose the 5 biggest fishes.

Fine, fun day :) Will definitely go fishing here again. We didn't dare eat at the resto though since the prices ranged from Php 500 - 1500 which we cannot afford.