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Homeschooling: Lesson 10 - Blues, Chalks and Paints

We started with reviewing blue (he already knows all his colors so this was just an enrichment activity). We also updated his small chart of colors that already had red, orange and yellow.

I also had him review counting and "inside outside" by having him count only the buttons that are inside the blue paper.

Had fun with the chalks and we jumped around inside and outside the circles he made using different colors. I gave instructions like -- jump inside the red circle -- and he followed these orders. It was his first time to use chalk so he vandalized the whole pavement with his drawings of circles. He was really having fun jumping around. His drawings then evolved to caterpillars and spiders and butterflies that he can jump into.

The next day after this, our trampoline was filled with chalk drawings. His dad also taught him to make stick drawings and we had fun imitating the arms and legs position of his stick men. 

Red dust was all over the place when it finally rained and washed his drawings away.

I also read to him the story and poem for the day but he was uninterested. I continued with it though and asked him some questions after that. He recalled some details about the story which is good but still can't tell the story sequence (whew that was a long one after all!) Roses are Red is no sweat. He already knows the poem.

His fine motor skills is definitely something that can be improved using these Calvert lessons. I propped up a baby book and had him follow the colors used to draw the cradle, the baby, the sky... 

His hair is actually growing longer so I had used a rubber band from school to tie them together.