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Homeschooling: Lesson 4 - Numbers, Addresses, Little Red Riding Hood

This was a notable session. We were first discussing about the importance of remembering addresses, names and numbers and I pointed out an example. 

We went to SM and were looking at beetles or volkswagen cars on display. I told him that I will be behind him and will just follow. He was happily strolling around the cars and glancing at me once in a while. He got around the blue car and suddenly I saw him bursting into tears -- he thought I was gone. Poor kid! I carried him back to the coffee shop while telling him I was just watching him. This was my example and a reason why he should try to remember his name and addresses.

I was talking about this incident and there was Dabby with tears in his eyes. He probably recalled the feeling. :( Poor kid!

We used the alphabet "A-Z puzzle" for the first time and he loved looking at the pics at the back. He recognized most of it.

I had already read to him Little Red Riding Hood before so the story today was just a refresher. We continued with making and gluing shapes on his drawing paper.

His finished item!

He decided to draw on it -- doors and windows as he said these are "houses".