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Homeschooling: Lesson 9 - Closing Season, Little Jack Horner, Bayang Magiliw, Basketball

This was a lazy Sunday and instead of running around or playing with his toys, Dabby insisted that have school.

Had a closing discussion on the seasons we have here: dry and wet. After that we proceeded with learning Little Jack Horner which is already familiar with from his nursery rhymes and songs playlist. I had him repeat the poem but her was really getting bored with it. So I had him continue with the 'play' activity to wake him up.

We did the inside and outside activity and we remembered that he still has unopened toys from his Lola. One of it was basketball set. We opened it and from there, had fun with learning inside and outside. :)

We also used a score board to list his scores and we both took turns throwing it inside the ring. Whenever one of us scores a point, I jot it down on the board to teach him counting too while we were at it.

After such, he was already pumped up. We continued with the Reading Readiness activity.

For his next activity, I had him choose things inside the room by color and he drew each of it on his paper.

He then drew a picture of a fish swimming in the sea (note how huge those waves are LOL)

Had him listen to "Lupang Hinirang" on YouTube and explained to him it was a song for the Philippines. As of writing, whenever he sees the Philippine flag he always told me to sing the Lupang Hinirang.


We went to Park Mall after lunch. It was my boys' first time there and they enjoyed the stroll. 

Dinner at Moon Cafe.