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Memorial Day at Bahia Resort in Mactan - Crabs and Water

Ahh!! A pool. A haven away from the computer. Even for just a few hours of hanging out in such a place, you can barely remember that you are a web worker who barely gets a decent rest lol.

Bahia Resort in Lapulapu is just an average hotel or resort. It doesn't have a beach as some might expect (comparing it to Maribago Bluewaters or Cebu White Sands. It has 3 sizes of pools that has beach water and is surrounded by a fish pond. The experience was worth the money. Food was okay. Can't complain. I know how much it would be worth we were in another hotel. But still it was a weekend to remember. Family time is always priceless.

Aside from the fishes, it is teeming with lots of really tiny crabs along the pond. Dabby was enjoying watching those. He immediately asked if he could get one. Luckily Marky saw two unused cups and used it to grab a small white crab.

I asked what he would name it and he said it's Mr. Crab.