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Homeschooling: Lesson 25 - Writing Stories, Simple Simon, Trucks, Jumping

Covered topics/activities for today:

  • Writing Stories
  • Simple Simon
  • There Was a Man of Our Town
  • Trucks
  • Jumping

I gave Dabby two of his stuffed toys -- our chocobo and the bear. I had him try to make his own story out of it and what he created was the story "The Chicken and the Bear". LOL.

You might ask what the story was about, well. It was just a series of encounters of the two. Like the bear falling asleep and how the chicken woke him up. The bear also shouted out loud which startled the chicken.. and such. He had a funny time making his own story.

Continuation of the previous truck activity.

Here, he was trying to draw from the Simple Simon. He drew a pie first. I think that was the first one that made an impression on him from the poem. Later he added Simon and the pieman.

He drew the bramble bushes and the jumping wise man from "There Was a Man of Our Town".