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Homeschooling: Lesson 26 - Light, Dark, Sizes, Tweedle-D, Movements

Covered topics for today:
  • Lighter
  • Darker
  • Big, Large, Small
  • Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee
  • Bunny Hop
  • Duck Waddle
 We have received a Calvert Newsletter yesterday and it is a really fun feeling when you received newsletters by mail.With the onset of using purely online communication methods, receiving one at your doorstep is quite a different feeling.

Here Dabby is drawing Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee bringing swords for a fight with a Crow flying above them.

I must admit, it is a bit hard to trace and manage the Kindergarten Fun of the Calvert materials. I just had him continue the truck tracing activity but what he was supposed to work on was matching the pics. I had him work on it t in the weekend.

His Bunny Hop. :)