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Homeschooling: Lesson 30 - Sense of Smell, Pony, Gluing

Covered topics / activities for today:
  • Smelling
  • The Little Gray Pony
  • Sensory Imagery
  • Creating Pictures and Gluing
  • Warm, Hot, Cold

At the start of class, we have a routine of spelling his name and dots counting. Today, he decided that he would be the one to make the dots.

Fun smelling activity. Here he is smelling the freshly opened banana.

We loved the rhymes on the Little Gray Pony about his lost horseshoe.

Cutting the shapes from paper

Making a house from the shapes.

Looks like he really formed his house here.

Proceeding to glue the pieces on paper. This time he wanted to make a train from the shapes.

David's Train