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Palamantasan: Kraft Cheez Whiz Partners With DepEd For Nutrition Education

Pop Quiz - Super Easy Level!
Q: Where will you bring a kid who is homeschooled to see non-homeschooled students? 
A: A real school!

That is right. Dabby and I got the chance to visit a public school and witness a grand event that aimed to promote nutrition education. The event was called Palamantasan. 

It was a really hot afternoon when we traveled from our place to Lapulapu City Central School. Why? What motivated a homeschooling mom like me and kid visit the very place we've been staying away from?

Simple. It was so we can witness how gradeschoolers can benefit from nutrition education through a competition known as Palamantasan. It was an awareness on my part as a mom.

Dabby on his way to witness Palamantasan 

The Event: Palamantasan ng Sarap

Last July 17, 2010 at the Lapulapu City Central School, Kraft Cheez Whiz held Palamantasan ng Sarap - the first interschool competition among grade school students nationwide in a quest for nutrition education. This event was in cooperation with DepEd and the event simultaneously with another Palamantasan event at Davao City.

In line with the Department of Education’s thrust to enhance nutrition education in schools, Kraft Cheez Whiz chose to do a school-based program to further raise public consciousness.  But apart from Palamantasan being an fun learning experience, it is also a transformative way of teaching those in the elementary levels.

During the event, stalls were setup to show the kind of food that parents and guardians should be giving their kids. Of course, it includes the famous Go, Grow and Glow foods.

 Today was really nostalgic. I had my own share of contests attended during my elementary years and all were fun events to recall. Most especially when you win. I can also recall staying in a gymnasium like this, enduring the heat of the sun just to witness my other schoolmates strut their contest pieces.

Kraft Cheez Whiz's Stand

Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables, Kraft Foods Philippines, shared in his opening remarks in front of an audience of elementary kids, parents, teachers and guests:

"If we did not address this issue, we will wake league with the most malnourished regions in the world."

This is quite true and as a mom, an advocacy like this from Kraft is stellar. Such an awareness like this is a cause for parents to focus on education not just themselves but also their kids on how to choose the right food. I am sure they would want to do what is right as I would not want my kid to be malnourished too.

With the desire to make this competition-based campaign both feasible and fit for the participating schools, different forms of contests were prepared by the well-loved cheese brand. Contests such as Jarchitecture or Jar Art, Speech Choir, Sandwich Making, Essay-writing and more, the overall wit and skill of the participating children will be challenged. 

Contest Winners

Winner for Jarchitecture or Jarart 
Cheese Wezzy Body Protector at 84.33%

Winner for Speech Choir 
Team Aktibo at 95%

Winner for Sandwich Making 
Dina and Samantha Montero at 93%

Other winners include:

Essay Writing - Despi Montesa at 91.7%
Cheering - She Brats Group 3 at 85.33%

The day ended well with a lesson learned and new friends made. Looking forward to another advocacy like this.

What You Can Do?

Who says nutrition month is only during July? Together, we can make this work all year round!

Kraft has created a fun and engaging website for to help parents and teachers. You can take a peek at their website:

Palamantasan ng Sarap

If you are a parent like me, don't be shy and head on over to make a pledge. It could be as simple as:
I pledge to serve nutritious foods to my kids and family everyday.
~ Mommy Alma

If you are a teacher, encourage your school administrator to join Palamantasan. The site has already listed more than 50 schools including my Alma Mater's Coop School at MSU-Iligan Institute of  Technology.