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Homeschooling: Lesson 44 - Pets Part 1, Straight & Curved Lines

Covered topics / activities today:
  • Pets Part 1
  • Straight & Curved Lines
  • Closed & Open Shapes
  • A Pet for Henry
  • Drawing a Cat

Dabby's first pets *were* three fishes. Past tense because they died. They were overfed and the murky water in the small container was very bad for the poor creatures.

So the next few lessons will be all about pets. This is a good introduction for Dabby since he already had experience with taking care of pets.

This is a picture of the fishes:

Discussing about different pets.

Drawing a cat

Drawing a dog this time

Now a fish

A fish in the bowl

Reading "A Pet for Henry"


Discussing straight and curved lines

Discussing closed and open shapes