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Homeschooling: Lesson 47 - Pet Supplies, Michael the Colt

Covered topics / activities today:
  • Pet Supplies
  • Michael the Colt
  • Visual Discrimination activity
  • Scrapbooking Pets
  • Hidden Objects for Visual Skills

Meet "Cottons" - a red tabby cat.

We picked her up from the pathway to our apartment. Just passed by a bunch of kids running away from this small kitten and they three of us had the instinct to stop and pick her up. Had to ask the kids if someone owned the kitty but they said there was no owner so we brought it home.

It was really good timing since it was suggested in the recent lessons to get a pet cat for the student so this was  a really fun opportunity for Dabby to learn about pets. Let's see how long this one survives Dabby. :-S

For today's lesson, we spent the time getting supplies for the new family pet. This is Dabby getting ready to set out and go to the pet shop.

Oh! There it is. We arrived at the place after giving the tricycle driver directions to it. Directions provided by Bam Abuton. Thanks Torro!

Dabby stalking the pets:

Mommy, I want a "padfish"?

What's a padfish?
A goldfish.


We eventually went there to buy a leash (yep) and cat litter for Cottons.

Reading the story of Michael. Very long one. Had to use visuals.

Doing the activity.

We did this on another day since we spent most time getting the supplies.

Looking for the Tower pieces. It's on the table, Dabby!

There it is!