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An iPad and a Facebook Game for a Pimple-free Mommy!

For my birthday this year, the dear husband gave me an iPad. Yep, he knew I so wanted that dang device. I posted on Facebook our unboxing picture (of me) and hoarded an awesome amount of comments and likes. 

I understand there are already hundreds of spam contest you might have used to get an iPad. They've really used it as bait for you to enter but you end up being disappointed because you did not get one! Well, lucky you, here's a way, a legit offer for you to win an iPad. 

The Ipad

How to join? Just order a kit online from Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution and you will have an entry to the promo. All your purchases up to October 15 are covered with this promo. The raffle itself will be on November 11 so better get one the soonest!

I visited their site and was stunned at seeing Katy Perry! I am such a huge fan of hers and she is an epitome of cool and chic. So cool!! Promo mechanics are listed on their site.

The Game

Of course, if you do not like winning an iPad at all you can follow Proactiv Solution Philippines on Facebook. You will see tons of their fans aiming for spots on the Proactiv Works! Facebook game. Who doesn't like winning free kits right? This game is from August 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010 only and you don't need to purchase the kit itself or anything. Coverage is nationwide and for anyone within the Philippines who has a Facebook account.

Here's how to play it:
1. Make sure you are logged in Facebook and open the Proactiv Works! Facebook game
2. Click to accept Game Mechanics.

3. Click the final button to start playing.

4. Choose a model that you want to help become pimple free!

5. Pimples will start popping out and you gotta help her! Click click click!! Click on the pimples as fast and as accurate as you can! You have one (1) minute to do this.

6. After seeing your score, you will see the scoreboard of winners. Highest scoring player wins! If your score is not there yet, you can always try again! 

So how did it go? Are you the next weekly winner? Enjoy playing and enjoy your shiny new iPad!