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New Tang Pick and Go! -- Mission: Lunchbox or Rather Missing Lunchbox?

With all honesty, I really thought we will be seeing Momay (Xyriel Manabat) in person. But heck since it was a simultaneous event, I figured she would be in Manila. LOL.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon at SM City Cebu. Supposed to be another stay-day Sunday but we figured it would be fun to join in this kid event. Or maybe we were just curious what was inside the lunchbox. What lunchbox?

We arrived there before the unveiling of the biggest one I have ever seen! Check this out. Isn't that huge??!!

We met with other bloggers and media there. Of course, with Dabby's favorite Kuya Mark Monta:

On the venue, they had fun stations for the kids like face painting, cotton candy, icecream, etc.

The long wait was over finally and Manila, Cebu and Davao simultaneously unveiled the new nutritious refreshment - Tang Pick & Go. A new baon surprise indeed! Just rip, pour and shake!

The good thing about this new product is indeed the rip, pour and shake. It's very easy to use and your kid won't have to wait for you to get home to prepare his favorite juice drink. More accessible and easy to prepare.

Now it is easier to enjoy the classic flavors of mangga, pineapple and orange in easy to prepare pack of three. A water tumbler of 330 ML would surely be enough for one sachet!

Visit the Facebook page at My Lost Lunch Box.