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Have You Tried Using AyosDito?

Usually when I browse the net for stuff to buy, I fire up my browser and Google up what I need. But one really cool place to look at and visit for stuff that you want to buy or sell is It is a Free on-line classified portal for cars, real estate, jobs, computers and even cellphones for sale.

What makes stand out for me is that filtering or sorting of items via location. It makes it simple for the user, who is either a buyer or job hunter, to discover what they're searching for since all the advertisements can be categorized by region or location. You don't have to confuse yourself with ads not found locally.

Second really nice benefit is that it does not require you to register at all on the site before you could create an ad. This allows people to post advertisements more efficiently as a result saving time.

We are just browsing around right now for house for sale and it is really nice to know that they have updated listings for those here in Cebu. I think it is awesome that you can filter it up to find the best one that you want. But in this case, I wished I can have some more filters to use like what city in Central Visayas, the most recent listing, etc.