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Dabby's Doodles on Draw

When I was his age I am quite sure I have been using just crayons and paper to fill my moments. The smell of crayola everytime we have drawing activites for homeschooling always brings back fond memories of papercuts and experimental fun where we boil old crayons on a spoon to melt it and use for an art project.

With the digital world that we live in, it is normal for kids nowadays to include fun using gadgets. Does your kid use gadgets too?

Dabby had always been a fan of doodling using Draw via iPad. It's an app that works much like Paint on PC but yeah, much cooler since you use touch to draw.

I'll include here some of the fun stuff he made.

Blues Clues for sure. We got one like this on our bedroom door too. And on the floor yesterday.

This looks like three men in a tub.... or boat? Or three couch potatoes on a sofa and watching some random TV shows they missed. He should draw in the remote control. That one man looks so sad he must be missing it.

Have you seen a car on train tracks? I'm sure they're train tracks. Or gasp! A hovering car above a fence! The neighbors must be so freaked out to see a hovering car.

I must have drawn something like that when I was his age. Another hovering car but this time with an oversized sparrow above it.

I think that's a sad and scary snowman.. or blob. He must be that sad with his spider toes .

Those are some of the doodles on his draw. I think he should draw more though. I need a graphic artist.

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