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Halloween Trick or Treat at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

Location: Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Cost: Php 800 excluding lunch and fare

Halloween is one of the fun-nest times of the year. Not only for adults who get to cross-dress but also for kids who get become mini-version of adults. Only much carefree. It's the time of the year that kids get to eat sweets with consent. It is also the time that they get to dress up into anyone they want or wish to be.

Last year we had our Trick or Treating at SM Cebu. This year we decided to spend it at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.  We learned about the event on Facebook and decided it is the best venue to spend our Halloween 2010. And the result? Super fun!!

We bought a costume from, where else, Toy Kingdom and chose the Gladiator costume. And yes, it is over sized for a reason. Thinking of using it for future Halloween so no need to be surprised if you see the same costume 3 years from now.

Here's our little gladiator / King Arthur / Crusader:

We went there early so we can take a quick dip in their pool. Had our quick lunch before the event started. Dabby was so happy with the swimming and splashing session and we might not have proceeded with joining the event.

But who would want to miss Dolpo the Dancing Dolphin mascot, the mini-contest that consists of Treasure Hunting to form Dolpo's name, "Bring Me", meeting Dora, dancing with Dora, playing Limbo Rock (?), a puppet show,  playing Popcorn and free balloon animals from a clown.

Of course, a children's party will not be complete without food and drinks. Spaghetti, chicken and fries, cupcake and orange juice was plated and served to the hungry little darlings. But it started to rain this time and we had to bring him to the restaurant to finish his meal. The other kids finished theirs in the event location while their guardians were holding umbrellas for them.

We were uber surprised when we learned he won something. I forgot to ask what place but it was a Best in Costume place. He got a sports bottle crayons, activity book, dolpo keychain, dolpo stuffed toy, and a membership to the Dolpo Kids Club.

What's Halloween without Trick or Treat! :) We had a great tour around the resort and had stop overs overflowing with candies for the little ones. He had an overstuffed bag and had his treats for the family's consumption throughout the week.