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Will you be watching Pacman - Margarito fight?

It's funny that we heard a radio advertisement on the taxi. This was when we went home from Ayala (Archon) tonight. I was asking the hubby when the Pacman - Margarito fight will be and.. well, he said he doesn't care.

Was keen on listening when they will mention the date and after minutes of blah blahs, there it was at last! The date when the fight will be -- November 14! Well, not like we're going to consciously watch but we still end up watching it! LOL

What will be my options? I can Google and stream from various blogs who have the stream link for sure. Aside from that I can always watch on the local TV which for sure will be a few hours late.

But here's one option if you have PLDT and it's to use PLDT Watchpad to watch the Pacman - Margarito fight. Here you can view it live, free and with no commercial breaks.

What you will need though is a connection speed of 768 kbps or higher is needed for optimized viewing of the fight. If you are already a plan 990 subscriber, you will need to upgrade to plan 1299 though. If you are already a Watchpad user you can reserve your slot here.

For more updates, you can “like” PLDT WatchPad on Facebook or if you are on Twitter you can follow PLDT WatchPad too!