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Humaygad! Somebody won an iPad (and it isn't me)

I remember writing about the Proactiv promo by Proactiv Philippines where they were giving away an iPad months ago. I have posted a pic of me with my own iPad. To those who don't know what Proactiv is - the company has skin care products specifically that to fight acne. Their products have been endorsed by popular stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

Well.. Not really my own since the little kiddo already has his apps on the thing and I could hardly even find my own apps. I was able to play the Facebook game and yes, I was terrible at clicking away those pimples. Would have been fun if I won for the weekly draw! :) 

A winner is already declared though if you have been monitoring the contest and wishing the iPad would fall into your eager hands. Who won? I'm sure it wasn't me! LOL. Douden Quintin won the Proactiv Philippines iPad raffle. He is a 22-year old Technical Support Agent in a BPO company. He was very happy with what Proactiv has delivered for him. He is now recommending the product to his friends and colleagues.
 “Try nyo, para makita nyo ang resulta!” (Try Proactiv and see the results!)    

This was what he said when asked about the effectiveness of the product. And who wouldn't! 

In fact, the brand has a promo offer that you should avail soon. If you would buy Proactiv 60-day Kit online you would get a free gift from Proactiv Philippines. The gift is a complete sampler set with Proactiv Renewing Cleanser 30ml, Proactiv Revitalizing Toner 30ml, and Repairing Lotion 30ml.