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At Bigby's with Good Food and Tabasco's Original Red

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.
Sinulog was a celebration to remember. The colorful streets decorated with lovely dancers with their vibrant costumes and props is a sight for sure. We have attempted to be part of it and what better way to start that celebration than watch a Pyrofest fireworks competition.
Before that, we had to fill our stomachs with good food for the night. We headed out to one of our favorite hideouts -- at Bigby's Cafe. I ordered Rack-a-bye backribs and Chanu ordered his favorite Grilled Rodeo chops. But what better way to enhance the original flavor of food than using TABASCO® Original Red on it. I don't want my sauce to change the flavor with some other taste though. That's why using Original Red is a good option.

Want to know a bit of history? The Original Red was the first sauce introduced by the McIlhenny family back in 1868 but up until now, it continues to be their most popular sauce of 6 total sauces. The good thing is that TABASCO® Original Red is "So Much More Than Hot."  When you use the sauce on your Grilled Rodeo Chops for example, it unlocks or enhances the flavor of food so you can get the best of every bite. Perfect indeed!
Since it's football season and the Super Bowl is right around the corner, it's about time we stick to that game day tradition and of course, order loads of pizza! Remember to use the Original Red to make that pizza more yummy! Check out the Game-Day Party Menu page for some simple ideas & recipes for food everyone loves! And of course the Pizza Perfected page as well.
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