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Pyrofest at SM City Cebu, Koreans and the Long Line

Along with the other members of Cebu Bloggers and other folks for the matter, we greeted Sinulog by watching the Pyrofest at SM City Cebu. It was a night to remember and a forgettable fireworks display because of what we endured after it. Thank goodness to the vids I took, I remembered how beautiful it was.

We were to meet at Coffee Bean at the Northwing but as usual, venue was changed to Starbucks Northwing. After dinner, we went down to the first floor to Coffee Bean as agreed upon and saw a huge, really huge crowd waiting for the Pyrofest to being. Muscled our way to go out but we met Farley from Iligan by the entrance. I was so happy to see him there. Really miss Iligan.

There we also met up with Bjorn Bernales, a fellow CBSi member and we were looking for the other members. Had to text Sinjin to know where they were. We ushered ourselves to Starbucks where we met the other members - Angeli, Mikyu and met for the first time Beejing. 

Stayed for a few minutes and had to excuse myself to venture into a long line of femmes waiting for their turn at the comfort rooms. It took me so long to get back that the group already left to watch the fireworks display. Had to stay a bit there in Starbucks so Dabby was trolling with the Korean group beside us.

So the fireworks contest started, of course, I did not get to know who the contestants were and where they are from. We were too concerned with the really huge crowd of fireworks ogglers that we were already thinking of how to get home by then. 

Dabby and I went at to the Don Merto side of the store to get an open view of the sky. It was good enough. The fireworks display was so uber amazing. I was only using my point and shoot so no fancy pics to show you. Here's one and a vid of the foreworks.

Two contestantss to go and we opted to go home after it. We had a hard time going home after it that we were able to arrive at 12am in the morning. It was devastating to be in that situation that we vowed never to go out again next Sinulog. Or maybe we were just in the wrong place and time. I won't go into details of how there was no support from SM for their stranded mall goers. I mean, it's not their fault right? Anyway. That's all for now. XD