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Globe Offers for Mobile Workers

Mobile working is the "in" thing. I have said "in" because a member of the Facebook group for Third Team Media had mentioned and discussed the possibility of creating a mobile office for us web workers. And with this becoming rampant, reliable mobile connection is certainly a must.

When I heard that Globe was offering POWERSURF, I was amazed. I have my eyes set on this since it is much cheaper than what I am currently using. Basically it is a consumable, prepaid mobile internet offer that allows subscribers to surf the internet for 60 minutes for just P15 within one day. That's only P0.25 per minute. How cheap can it get? Now I can get on-demand internet for just a few pesos that doesn't cost an arm and leg.

Another interesting move by Globe is by bundling up a data plan with gadgets. For example, I am eyeing a tablet that uses Android. I have my Apple products but want to try out using another mobile OS. So for that, the Samsung galaxy tab looks like eye-candy.
The good thing is that Globe diversified its plans to include above tablets and also Huawei S7.

Oh, and final thing. I also learned that Globe has partnered up with GetJar. Getwhut? It's GetJar -  the world’s second largest applications store with over a billion downloads to date.  It provides more than 75,000 mobile applications to consumers in more than 200 countries for both feature phones and smartphones across all major platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian. 

Because of GetJar, Globe users are now able to access apps via the Globe WAP site. An example of an app you can download is Post't which lets you post your updates on several sites with one update.

It makes me feel secured that Globe is stepping up its game with data plans and gadgets that are accessible and reliable for web workers like me.