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Coloring Rainbows and Homeschooling Blessings

It is almost one year since we started homeschooling Dabby and all I can say is that this option is a good blessing to our family. It got us involved in his education and has become a very much viable option for me given that I also work at home and online.

It can even be so much fun as a bonding tool for us. Like for instance, teaching him about rainbows can become a very nice family exercise. We went through his books that taught the basics of rainbows, read through stories that mentioned rainbows and of course, create his masterpiece of a rainbow that reinforced his knowledge of the colors.

I could not imagine working in a corporate setup for now. The flexibility of working at home and taking care of Dabby is something that the corporate world cannot offer. Besides, nowadays it is really hard (and expensive) to hire a nanny that one can trust.

One thing that helps me with this is our Cebu Homeschool Network. It is our little group of parents who are also homeschoolers. We use different curriculum but still manage to come together as a group and discuss our most basic concerns with the option.

To those interested in homeschooling, I highly encourage you guys to join our informational seminar called All About Homeschool. It is  going to be an eye opener for parents who have heard of this option but are still not convinced with the option. Go ahead and click the link to learn more details.