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Lobbies and Hallways - Overnight At the Waterfront Cebu

It was a Thursday when Maam Janette Toral contacted me via email. 

"Will you able to use this gift certificate?" she asked.

It was due to expire April 18th, the Sunday of that week and I know it would be such a waste for the certificate to go unused. I wouldn't say no to it though. Because the reason is that, we have an event for the homeschoolers on the Saturday, April 16th.

It was good timing.

After contacting and asking the Waterfront Customer Service and after a handful of calls, we were able to book for a room on that Saturday. Ms. Janette also immediately sent the certificate via LBC that same afternoon. 

All was set. It was going to be a great Saturday-Sunday overnight. A mini-vacation that we are looking forward with the family. To top that, it is also our first time at the Waterfront.

It's really gorgeous hotel. I don't really care about the stars and all that since I am not much familiar with the hotels here in Cebu but when we there, we immediately knew that it was a starful (no such term eh?) hotel.

I had a handful of notes for this visit and had listed them all in my mind. It will be the things that I will note on our next visit. If ever we can visit it again, that is. :)

1. The lobby location

Since we came from the Cebu Public Library and went there via jeepney from S. Osmena St., we stopped at the IT Park and proceeded to walk the short distance from there to the lobby carrying just one bag for the overnight.

We came through the small door into the hallway and had zero idea where it was. We asked the guard where the swimming pool was (what??) and he just used his nguso to point us to the location. We turned right from there and a girl following us said that we should be going the other way. Thanks to her.

Stairs led us to the entrance and there we saw the Casino. We headed back because we though it was just the Casino and I very much know that Dabby cannot go in such place. 

Ended up going back to the guard to ask where the lobby was and he told us to go forward from the Casino. So there, we walked back up again and saw that there was indeed a long hall.

2. The hallway

Hallway was lined up with restaurants and with different themes each. I remember one had Chinese lanterns and it was definitely remarkable. Another one has sort of a lit up disco floor and very much nice to look at. Dabby even proceeded to step on the boxes just like how Pocoyo stepped on those in his show.

3. The reservations counter

This is very funny! When we visited, there were some construction and modifications done on the place and it was a bit confusing where to go.

I ended up approaching a woman behind a desk. I very much thought it was the reservations counter. It was actually silly because I ended up thinking why the heck, with a huge place like this, do they have only a desk for a reservation counter. Anyway, she had beside her another woman behind that desk who was talking to their client. I showed her the GC and she pointed out that the reservations counter was in the other corner.

Later, I realized they had a sign above that says "Alamo". I think it's a car rental service. XD

(Pasensya sa taga isla.)

So after we checked in at the counter, we proceeded to use the elevator where we led ourselves the 8th floor where our room was located.

The long hallway was carpeted, clean and well-lit. I was about to skip when I saw that there was someone cleaning so I acted like was not about to skip.

Will be posting another entry about our overnight. This would be a great chance and story for me to share so I can keep my blog updated. :D Stay tuned.