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The Standard Room and Price Lists - Overnight At the Waterfront Cebu

This is the second part of the "Overnight At the Waterfront" series that I have been writing about. The first part was about Lobbies and Hallways in Waterfront. Just divided it up into posts to somehow keep my blog updated within this month. :)

For this post, I'm going to describe some parts for our Room and the Prices that I have seen on their listings. It would be helpful to note this for the room that we got which is a Standard Room.

1. Beds

For the Standard Room, the officer on the phone actually gave us a double occupancy one. What we got when we arrived were two separate single beds. I ended up rearranging the beds and putting them together since first, I do want that Dabby might fall if we leave him alone in the other bed and second, there is no way the Mark and I will fit in one single bed.

So when Mark when out to get something from JY, I spent the time, rearranging the beds of the room so the three of us can fit.

2. Extra Furnitures

I love that they have an extra table and arm chairs in the room. It made it very much feasible for MTG playing. It was so awesome!! The other hotels / guest rooms that we have tried don't really have extra furniture like these.

They also have a dresser, a minibar, an cable television, closets and an extra space to put your stuff. They have 2 lamps, a telephone that you can use to contact for help (which we used for the shower "problem" we had.)

3. Air Conditioning

When we arrived at the room, the first thing that we observed was that it was so silent inside. We were able to say that it was silent because when we tried other guest rooms, they have air conditioning that hums. But this one that they have on the room was the silent type.

4. Mini-bar Prices

When the officer asked us about an extra deposit for the mini-bar stock, she was asking if we wanted to deposit for the mini-bar and so I said no. It was optional right?

We arrived at the room and saw that they have complimentary two small bottles of mineral water and two cups of coffee.

A few minutes after we arrived, someone from housekeeping actually came in our room and locked the little refrigerator at the bottom of the mini-bar. So basically, if you choose to not pay for deposit, they will lock it. You won't have an option anymore to add any of the items below to your final bill. Or maybe it's just a special case for them since it's a gift certificate?

Either way, I think it is a bit rude for them to lock it out. I understand it might be for security purposes and for us to not use it with other drinks or stuff we bought from outside.

Anyway, I took a pic of the prices they have in the mini-bar. See below:

5. View outside the window

I loved the view outside and I feel like it's literally overlooking the whole of Cebu. Of course, I could not be right since I am not really familiar with the city. All I know is that we were in Lahug.

6. The toilet and bath

They had the usual extra stuff to use. Unlike, the others though, they have toothbrushes!! Forgot to take a picture of the T&B though. 

They have in a phone near the toilet and it got me to think of situations where you will really need that phone over there. Great design. LOL. Water is immediately and always warm, which fine for me. 

I love it that the defaults in the accommodation at the Waterfront are for your comfort. So far, as you may know by now, I love the place!