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Visiting the Doctor for Yearly Flu Shots

Last week, we visited Doctor Licille Kilantang at the clinic located near the church in Opon. We were scheduled for our yearly flu shots.

We arrived quite late but Dokie was very accommodating and still was there to give the shots to Dabby. Dokie's secretary was ready to leave when we arrived at quarter to six and getting ready to close shop. 

She still dropped her things to take Dabby's weight and height. His baby book is already old and torn since he had it since he was born. Of course, that also means that he is a patient of Dokie ever since he was born too.

So when he saw that Dokie was already there, he proceeded with looking for the stethoscope which he mentioned he would like to see on the visit. He immediately saw it hanging on the wall and borrowed the thing for him to play with while he had his shot. 

At that time, he was also carrying his letter to Ate Kaye and showed it to the Doctor who was amazed with his artwork and suggest he brings some for her to hang on her clinic. I think it's an easy job for Dabby. :)

He had his flu shots after that (and both Marc and I still have to have the shots by next month). It was quick and painless. And got his candies. :) Of course, he also returned the stethoscope.