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My List of Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

In support of the awesome members of CBSi, here is my list for the Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project 2011.

1FoodieCraft - a food blog from Dabby's blogger friend, Ate Angeli! She is one of the most in-demand food bloggers in Cebu and posts very yummy updates on her daily treats.

2. Libotero - A travel blog by Sinjin Pineda that is very helpful for backpack travelers here in the PH and abroad. Offer helpful tips so you not only won't get lost but also enjoy your stay wherever you are.

3. iSwallow - get quality food reviews from the swallowers. "Love sucks but true love swallows" is their tagline. Rabs deserves another spot as he did last year but this time with a food blog.

4. CebuMD - a virtual hangout for doctors to get updates about the latest happenings in Cebu's medical community. Doc Buboy is very passionate with his blogs and even his other writing projects that this blog is a testament to his passion.

5. Event Geek - one-stop blog for the latest updates on events happening in and around Cebu. Vernon has been my pizza buddy for events in TechTalks too and definitely deserve a spot here.