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Experiments and Globe's MBS5 Sponsorship

What we love doing during our down time at school is to head over and check out Science Explorer kit. We check out what available activities we can do and enjoy doing the experiments.

For this one, we chose the color-changing activity involving acids and bases. It was a short and sweet experiment that gave us the thrills of seeing purple turn to blue or red. The fizzles and sizzles of the liquids when mixed gave that giggly feeling as if you are popping those powder candy on your tongue. I forgot that name of that candy though.

What I realized during these experiments that we have is that you can follow it up with videos and articles online that can boost (or in my case - refresh) your knowledge of the subject. And of course, you can easily get those online from Youtube or Google. A good internet connection is all you need and Globe is one of the top internet services provider here in the Philippines that can give you the joy of being connected online. 

When Globe announced and finalized the sponsorship for IBS' hosting of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011, I was so glad. It made me realize that bloggers can certainly get the support of big telecoms like Globe in their endeavors. It made a blogging mommy like me realize that you can rely on Globe to offer nice services for our homeschooling needs.

The really, really good thing about Globe's offer is that you can now join MBS5 for FREE! Yep, you don't need to pay anything at all.

Globe has been generous enough to not only help Iligan Bloggers Society realize this event, but they want to extend their generousity to the participants of the 5th Mindanao Bloggers Summit! You got that right!

Globe has offered to cover the registration fees for MBS5 Registrants!!!

For those who have registered, or will register, you get the chance to avail the free registration for Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 courtesy of Globe Telecom!