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Local Online Shopping with AyosDito and a Grand Raffle Promo!

My husband could attest the fact that I love online shopping. 

Back at the time when we hoarded cards for our all time favorite Magic: The Gathering, I would be the one to handle all the online transactions from seller to seller and know a good deal about keeping myself secure during deals. I knew how to detect a good trade from a scam and pretty much proud about that fact.

And recently, with the online shops that have been established online, you can well say that it is pretty much easy now. You check their site, check their layout, find their contact info just in case, check testimonials and of course Google some feedback about them and you are now safe to transact. Everything is easier nowadays.

I have tried several online shops to purchase good and other gadgets and so far the experience have all been perfect. One good example of these shops is It had been one of the top destinations of local sellers and buyers here in the Philippines to transact and find items of their liking with the comforts and filtering to your region. Isn't that convenient?

Today, I have browsed around to check if there are available costumes for kids this upcoming Halloween

I spotted a banner that told of a contest -- the AyosDito Connect & Win Promo. Of course, I clicked on it and see if it's a contest that I can qualify for.

Turns out it's pretty much easy to join this contest. You got a Facebook? You're good to go!

If you are wondering what AyosDito Connect is you can check more details about Connect here.

To fully register, you just need to complete your information saved on the form.

With just that, you now earn 10 entries to the raffle! So easy pie, neh?

This  AyosDito Connect & Win Promo will run from August 29 to November 6, 2011 so I guess better up to gather more entries.

A total of 30 x iPad 2’s, 20 iPhone 4’s and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo and will be distributed as in weekly draws and a grand draw.

Weekly Draws - The following will be raffled off in ten (10) weekly draws:  3 iPad 2’s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week, 2 iPhone 4’s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week.

Grand Draw - P1,000,000 will be raffled off in the Grand Raffle on Week 10 of the promo

I hope I will win 1 million. I never won any bigtime raffle before. Hehehhe.