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An Afternoon at SM Mall of Asia Seaside Boulevard

If there was one place we have visited in Manila that we want to go back and visit often, it would be the SM Mall of Asia. It's one mall that could not par the others that we have visited so far.


How to Get There?
This is straight from their website --
You can get to MOA via taxi, bus or jeepney. If you get confused or lost, mention the word 'MOA' or 'Mall Of Asia' and most drivers will understand where you want to go.
From the Airport - We suggest a taxi. Estimated time of arrival is 15 to 30 minutes *.
Any Manila Hotel - Most Manila hotels have special shuttle services going to MOA.
From Makati Central Business District -
  • By Taxi - ETA from Makati is 30 minutes to an hour *
  • By Bus - Hop on any bus heading South on Edsa displaying 'MOA' or 'Mall of Asia' and you will get there within an hour to an hour and a half*.
  • By MRT

Which Places do I Visit?

When put out the question on my Twitter and Facebook on which places to visit, I got two suggestions: SM MoA and Greenbelt. We chose to visit MoA for the reason that, of course, we want Dabby to have fun. And we heard MoA has lots of those. 

I wish I saw this one before we visited but it looks like we got to where we wanted to be. Here is their MOA Store Locator and map. Pick where you want to go depending on what you want to do. 

In our case, we wanted to go to the Science Discovery Center. But while waiting for Ryan, we visited the Seaside Boulevard.

At Seaside Boulevard

This Ferris Wheel is what you can see (very prominent at the boulevard). It looks so beautiful and we were thinking it's a very romantic location. Couples may have had special moments here. :D

Ferris wheel

A pic at the obvious Moa sign
Yey! Fountain!

Let's share since you can't reach the pedal yet.

There are lots of activities and fun rides for kids and adults at the boulevard. There are enumerable things that you can do with kids. 

We went from one end to this boulevard to look for cool things to do. You can just choose to stroll around and just sit at the benches, watch other people.

For those who have kids, you can't just stroll the whole visit since there are lots of fun things to do.

As for us, we just decided to leave David to choose where he wanted to go.

David was very much eager to get inside these balls when he saw kids inside these. And yes, he decided to try it out too. We paid Php60 for just 10mins on this thing. He was really brave enough to go through all the hassle.

Adding air inside the ball

Then after 2mins inside, he decided it wasn't for him.
We immediately had to bring him outside since he was already shouting 'enough'. He said that he was scared that he can't stand up inside the ball. For those who have 5 year old kiddies and below, better brief them properly or not let them play the ball. They might be too young for it.

So next, it was Daddy and son bonding time. They rode this cycle for Php 80.

Inside the Mall

After our activities, we just strolled inside the huge mall. The ice skating rink caught our attention. Nope, we did not try it since we have no idea how to skate.

So then, we meet up with Ryan and visited the Science Discovery Center next. :)