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Hotel H2O at Manila Ocean Park Rates, Reviews, and Pics

After transferring and travelling from Jupiter Suites at Makati, Dabby's most awaited part of the trip finally arrived - an overnight stay at H2O Hotel. We drove around and finally the driver learned that Hotel H2O is actually inside Manila Ocean Park. Of course, we did not know that too given that it's our first time traveling together in Manila as a family. 

Steps to Ocean Park
So we finally arrived. But we used the wrong entrance going to H2O Hotel. We could have used the lobby located at the rightmost of the entrance (below the steps). If we did, we could not have gone through the hassle of dragging our bags to the (real) entrance.

There it is. Left sign says H2O. Right is Oceanarium.

When we arrived, the front desk ladies guided us to the elevator for Hotel H2O. The right most part is a glass partition where you can see lots of people going around the Oceanarium. Just like a hotel inside a huge mall!

Booking Online

You can book online in advance at They give discounts if you book in advance. I love the convenience of being able to book online. Some things I encountered when booking online:
  • Their confirmation email takes days to arrive. I still had to send messages on Twitter and Facebook to get them to contact me regarding my booking. -1.
  • They will debit the charges from your card three days prior to your reservation date. So if you are using a debit card like me, make sure you have enough funds.
  • You can tell them that you are checking in earlier. I was able to tell them that we want an early checkin and they gave us 12PM.

Quick info about the place

Here below are some helpful information about the place. Note that rates below can actually be discounted if you book in advance.

Accommodation Name: Hotel H2O
Address: Luneta, Manila, Philippines (Behind the Quirino Grandstand)
Contact NumbersT: +63 2 238 6100. F: +63 2 238 6188.
Landmarks: Qurino Grandstand, Manila Ocean Park
Room Rates:
  • Park View 9,700.00
  • Park Supreme 10,200.00
  • Bay View 11,200.00
  • Aqua Room 11,500.00
  • Aqua Classic 12,700.00
  • Aqua Supreme 13,200.00
  • Club Bay 15,400.00
  • Club Aqua 15,900.00
  • Deluxe Suite 19,900.00
  • Premiere Suite 29,900.00
  • Executive Suite 39,900.00
Map of Hotel H2O

View Hotel H2O in a larger map

Checking In

We already told the staff that we will be checking in early at 12PM. Got ushered to the checkin/front desk by their staff.

Concierge is super helpful. 

Elevator. They have 2, I think.

We arrived and confirmed our booking. There were already lots of guests lining up to check in/out. And sadly, our room was not ready yet.

Guests checking in/out

Also got to ask if they are selling tickets to Ocean Park and of course, they are. Bought the Ultimate Experience tickets at Php 900 each. It includes almost everything in Ocean Park.

View of the Oceanarium.
Pika2 nose2 mode

The Club Bay Room

This is the Club Bay room that we booked. Room description: Queen bed, 34 sqm, Bay view, HSIA LCD Cable TV, Minibar, Jacuzzi Tub, Rain-shower. Pretty fancy but we wanted to make it a fun experience for the kiddo! Protip: Yes, kids love tubs.

The super secure door.
In the duration of our stay, this door has been knocked on a lot! Maybe next time, we should put up the Do Not Disturb sign.

The lobby for the Club Bay Rooms

The Club H2O Lounge
Above is their Club H2O Lounge. Nice place to hangout and meet people. They have a live band at night.

Work desk
So we finally got to check the room and its amenities. Dabby was super stoked with the Jacuzzi tub that it was the next thing on the to-do: prepare the tub.

Jacuzzi tub

No need to caption?

Yeah, this is where you poo and pee. See through!

The rainshower

The queen sized bed



Viola! Manila Bay!


The minibar. Everything is complimentary. 

Omg freebies! It's complete!

Stuff on the work desk. Includes menu for Makan-makan
There's a menu for Makanmakan and since we were already famished with the transfer and the wait for check in, we decided to order and have it delivered to our room. Yum!

During our overnight stay, we spent most of the time touring Ocean Park instead of savoring the place. Would I come back to this place? Yes! We're all looking forward to come back! But this time, we won't spend most of our hours outside.

Next up: Manila Ocean Park!