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To and From Hotels: Road Travel with Globe Tattoo Super Stick and Google Maps

Some context: We stayed in Makati for two days for the DigitalFilipino E-commerce Summit 2012. Those were certainly a crazy couple of days. We arrived in the afternoon of 23rd from Mactan and arrived at NAIA, looked for a white, metered taxi, and checked in at Jupiter Suites

The whole afternoon was then spent at SM Mall of Asia where we met with Ryan Parreno. Together, we visited the Science Discovery Center

Feb 24th was spent at the summit but I was able to meet up with my boys. We visited Greenbelt really quick to have dinner at Krazy Garlic (where the prizes are crazy!).

Feb 25th was probably the busiest day of our trip as we did a lot of stuff. The day started off with a hearty meal at Jupiter Suites and we checked out of the place after two days of staying. 

Breakfast. Bacon is love!
After the meal, we set out to get ready for a whole day of fun. This was the best time to test out the pocket wifi that I just received. How handy is it? How useful is it when traveling? All I can say is that, if your gadget is not subscribed to 3G, the best bet is to use a pocket wifi and access the net using a shared personal wifi zone that can be used by up to 5 devices.

Checking out of Jupiter Suites.

So off we went to a new location before we left Manila: To Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park. 

What I love most of travelling to other places with my family is being able to experience how it is living in another place. We got to see a glimpse of life in the big city while on the road, in this case.

The day before that, I got my Globe Tattoo Super Stick (Huawei E5) and was able to set it up. I found the device very much helpful when we traveled from Jupiter to H2O. I was able to connect my iPhone (on prepaid sim. Not 3G.) to the pocket wifi and became the official guide of manong driver with the help of Google Maps.

Guiding manong driver via Google Maps to Hotel H2O

While traveling of course, I was able to update my Facebook and Twitter. Took pictures of the buildings in Manila. I imagined I can actually cope living in a busy metropolitan area but not living in spaces like these. I don't know, but it seems that you can barely see plants in your place if you live here.


Better looking buildings

Along the way, I was guiding manong driver and gave him directions. He was asking for the major roads to follow. With the fact that I am not from Manila, it could have been very challenging and inconvenient for us. But all thanks to the pocket wifi from Globe Tattoo Super Stick and with the help of Google Maps. It was a breeze! So much convenience. A must-have for travelers.

What I wasn't able to predict in this trip though was how CROWDED the Manila Ocean Park was during Saturdays. We just picked the wrong day to be in the place. There are lots of tours going on and everything was so crowded! There was a long line outside. You can't imagine how many more are inside the place and much more queues inside. But since we were already here, of course, we had to make the most out of the trip.

At Ocean Park at last?

Some construction going on

And finally, we arrived at H2O. We were dropped in from of Manila Ocean Park itself in all it's busyness and grandeur. If the driver was familiar, we could have used the lobby for guests but we used this pass inside the structure itself. Something to note for the next visit: Use the lobby! 

Hotel H2O post coming up next!