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Maya Mexican Restaurant at Crossroads Banilad, Cebu

I was already late for the mentors and organizers gathering for Startup Weekend Cebu at Maya Mexican Restaurant but I was able to let the taxi driver just drop me off and proceed with bringing my boys to UP Cebu. That taxi driver was very patient. I thanked that odds for having a driver like that. Taxi drivers are not always like that here in Cebu.

Found myself standing there across Crossroads Banilad. But I still have a quest to undertake: How to cross the road. The rushing cars, the never ending stream of metal zooming past me made me cringe at the thought of trying to cross.

Breathed in and breathed out. I can do this. I can cross the road on my own. I trained my eye and made mental calculations of how fast that incoming car is running and how fast I can manage to dash through the maze of crisscrossing bugs.

And then suddenly, I was there. I was across the road. Breathed a sigh of relief. I managed to cross the road unscathed. It was not an easy feat.

I made my brisk walk along the line of establishments at Crossroads.

Look for the one with Mayan symbols and skulls. 

I could remember Dave Overton mention that mark. Found it at the corner of a block of establishments. I was greeted by a huge, no, giant door. There was this guard waiting outside. I was disappointed that he didn't have  a Mayan costume.


He asked and I understood he meant if I was an invited guest, a customer, or just a stranger lost in the city.

Startup Weekend?

That's what I said and I was ushered beyond the giant door. It feels like I was about to meet a boss in dungeon (for all you RPG players) and yes, I was disappointed that there was no armed Mayan god.

But the smell, oh the sweet smell of the restaurant. It was like telling you to find your spot and settle in. And that's what I did.

I saw tables and tables of mentors, venture capitalists, sponsors and organizers of the first Startup Weekend in Cebu.

We ate. They drank. 'They' because I don't drink even for socializing purposes. And here are some photos of the food we ate. This is all that I was able to take photos off because I was engrossed in being with real people. Too bad they're not Mayans and I would have inquired on the impending 2012 doom.

Restaurant Details

Maya Restaurant 
Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City Philippines 6000 

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