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A Day with Swish Breath Spray [Product Review]

I was left in awe at what I received in the mail from Unilab. Instead of getting just the breath sprays for a product review, I actually received a sample of other products including the Swish Mouthwash from Unilab. It was a generous move from the company that's very much admirable in their efforts in getting honest feedback from consumers.

My husband is huge user of mouthwash and the inclusion of the 2 items were interesting for him. Had him review the Swish mouth wash and here are his thoughts:

1. Compared to Listerene, Swish Mouth Wash is alcohol-free which lets you gargle the mouthwash without getting that stinging sensation in your mouth.

2. On the other hand, Swish Mouthwash had sort of a bitter after taste.

Inside the package, I noticed a very interesting cup included. It's a foldable cup! Forgive me for the ignorance but I was amazed that it existed.

So back to the Swish Breath Spray. The spray containers came in a small box with two variations of the breath spray:
  • Swish Breath Spray Artic Chill
  • Swish Breath Spray Peppermint

How much is it? The suggested retail price is Php 105.

What I like about Swish Breath Spray

  • It was very handy. You can bring it anywhere and stick it in your pouch when traveling for an instant fresh breath.
  • It lasts 100 sprays. That's about 1 month and 20 days of use for someone who consumes one spray per use, twice a day.
  • Just like the mouthwash, it's alcohol-free. No stinging unlike what I experienced with Listerine.
  • It's sugar-free. No bacteria accumulating. 

Some comments on the product:

Here are some things that I think can be improved on the product:
  • Clunky container. I think they can use better dispenser for it since you get varied amount of spray based on how hard you push. You know what I mean?
  • You'll easily lose the cover. Since it's so tiny, you might find it challenging to put the cover on and off and would easily lose it.

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