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Lunch at Iliganon Restobar - Beef Randang and Durian Shake FTW!

Many of the cafes I visit are purely based on recommendations from friends online - Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter. I believe my list of contacts or friends online would only go for the most notable locations around the country.

Iliganon Restobar is one of those places that get mentioned around too much that you can't help but wonder how it's really like. It gets so much buzz and it's mainly because they offer the best durian shake in town. That was enough to convince us to finally visit the place for lunch.

The restaurant / restobar is located in Pala-o. A few minutes walk from The Strip would lead you to a place that greets you with lots of "stuff" that is purely Mindanao and so Iligan. We saw their decorations of wooden tables and chairs. Since the outside part was not airconditioned, we decided to go in the restobar part where they're supposedly serving coffee too.

Walking around with two hungry boys would require immediate refreshments so we ordered drinks first. They ordered their usual juice and tea (as we are staying away from soda).

I, of course, ordered their famous Durian shake. It's so refreshing and tastes like Davao. ;) My only remorse was that the after taste is so strong that I have to find way to diminish the taste.

Checking Foursquare, the tips left by previous customers showed me that they are also famous for Beef Randang. Of course, I had no idea what it is so I ordered one. It turned out to be too spicy for my taste so I ended up giving the course to my husband who finished it with gusto.

I ordered another plate of the yummiest Bistek Tagalog that I have tasted. Too bad the serving was too small but of course, it is because the price was also affordable. I would suggest them to increase the price of the dish for a larger serving of the delish bistek. It would be super worth it.

Another shot of the randang which turned out to be a fave of my friends who commented and liked when I posted about my lunch on Facebook.
Let me know if you have visited this place too. ;)

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