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Chatime at Ebloc 2 I.T. Park Cebu

The first time we bought our first Chatime tea was at Hong Kong International Airport on our way to home to Cebu. It was unforgettable. Why? It's one of the reasons why we almost didn't catch our flight on time. LOL.

This photo below was taken at the  Hong Kong International Airport branch of Chatime.

Thankfully, we can relive that first time moment over and over again here in Cebu. They have a Chatime branch located at Ebloc 2 I.T. Park Cebu.

Here is their Foursquare venue link for a map and more details with reviews and ratings from other customers:

Here's our to buy list whenever we visit Chatime at Ebloc 2 I.T. Park Cebu.

Chocolate Mousse Regular Sweetness with pearls for the hubby - Php110
Mango Green Tea for the little boy - Php80
Pearl Milk Tea with add-on pudding for me - Php110