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The Challenges of Staying Connected with Loved Ones

My mom has been an OFW for a decade already and nothing could be ever more important that having a means of communicating with her. We needed to connect with her and let her know how we're doing, ask how she is, and most recently, ask her what to do since both me and my son got very sick.

It is her reassuring voice that told us everything's gonna be OK and that she will always be with us even if she was miles away.

With the rise of the internet, options available such as Skype or Viber have proven to be reliable. But what if you don't have an internet connection? The only option you have would be to use the local telcos and that would require mobile airtime credits and thus the need to do a mobile recharge.

In the case of my mom, she has to contact some relatives in Siquijor and nothing could be more reliable than using local telcos. How does she top up credits for my cousin who's running her local accommodations business?

Simple. She can use the Swissclear Global. This is a platform where she can gift prepaid credits and do mobile recharge for her family here in the Philippines. Very easily accessible and quite easy to use.

She can easily do the following.

2. Enter the mobile number of the recipient, the mobile operator, and choose the package.

3. Create an account if you haven't created one yet. You can register beforehand.

4. Enter your credit card details.

Once it's done, she can top up the family's mobile numbers anytime she needs to talk to someone and won't worry anymore of having barriers to communication.