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Feel Better! Carbs without the worry with CarbTrim.

It was a fine Valentines day. People were already posting their woes and plans for Valentines over all the social media sites that they know. I was just watching their updates and reminiscing how fun it was when I was younger to have Valentines day lurk around the corner.

But we were done celebrating the day before. We wanted to stay away from the consumerism that happens during Feb 14th. True enough when we visited the mall, it was filled with shoppers doing rush purchases of chocolates and flowers for their loved ones hoping to get a piece of Valentines for the the day after.

I had so much fun taking photos of all the guys bringing bouquet of flowers and jokingly said to the hubby that those guys were just going to get laid tomorrow. And I'm sure they did. :D

Kidding aside, we just planned to have a simple celebration at home. What celebration it was when I received a package at the doorstep from Unilab itself. I got Carbtrims for Valentines! And the message on the bag was spot on: Carbs without the worry for Valentines day.

It was just in time when hubby and I were gearing up to gobble more carbs for the day! We were off to celebrate. But was this a reminder that we should take it slow? It definitely was.

There it were the three boxes of CarbTrim in all its glory. It came in a pretty pink bag and had two flavors: Lemon and Apple flavors. Each box contains 6 sachets that you can use before gobbling up the carbs.

From their website:

CarbTrim is a carb-blocking product in a refreshing iced tea drink.  It contains Phase 2 white kidney bean, a natural extract clinically-proven to block up to 66% of carbs you eat.

So there I was watching the kiddo eat sweets totally guilt-free! That's a mango cake and it was definitely finished up by the kiddo and me since the hubby does not like sweets (which is a good thing given their family history). 

After a month of using, finally finished up the boxes of CarbTrims. The hubby likes the lemon flavor and I like the Apple flavor iced tea of CarbTrim. 

I have visited the grocery and found it to be Php 144 per box with 6 sachets inside. I understood it would be pretty much effective especially if you consistently use it for a month. Will be trying that out soon!

For those who are interested, you can see more details below.

View more details about CarbTrim here