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Spaghettiest Moments with the Family

Me and kiddo having fun at a Jollibee
store before the field trip
I truly believe in shocking coincidences.

You see, we were at a Jollibee store in JCenter Mall and messing around while waiting for our ride to a homeschoolers' field trip when I received a text from someone inviting me to a mommy blogger challenge.

The caller was referred by Kuya Mark Monta and it might be something we can help out with so of course, I said yes. I got more details about the challenge through email (yes, we were still waiting for our ride at this point) when I saw that I was invited to join Jollibee's Spaghettiest Moment Challenge.

I looked at that Jollibee's face at the store. Then to my husband. My eyes widened.

"OMG. You can't believe what I just got!", I peeped.

"What?", he asked.

"It's an invitation to join Jollibee's Spaghettiest Moment Challenge! And here we are taking our silliest shots with the bee himself."

It was a coincidence. And it was shocking for me.

To cut the long story short, we have been invited to join the challenge to document our happy moments with a cam kit given by Jollibee and join the challenge.

The winner will get to win an all-expense paid trip to 3 choice destinations in the PH and PHP 3,000 worth of GCs! But with the experience, the kit, and the PHP 2,000 worth GCs itself, I would say we're already winners.

So, here are the photos taken from the last five days of our lives in this homeschooling family living the digital lifestyle of the free.

Yes, Dabby - our only son so far- is homeschooled. As some of the readers here may know, we are using Calvert School of Maryland, USA and he is on distance learning education. Therefore, me and the husband - a his learning guides - usually get to choose the best time and way for him to learn.

Since we are also in a remote working setup for Third Team Media, a startup social media agency I am developing, it means that we are truly digital netizens. So whether we are at a cafe working, Dabby is also with us learning new vocabulary words or solving Math problems. Freedom is fun!

Check out our photos below and hope you enjoy it!

Freedom is fun! Dabby shows off a
polaroid shot of him studying at a cafe.

After a long hard day at work and school, we get to eat at our favorite stores which are usually at the mall and grab a bite. We love how Jollibee stores are very accessible to families like us with little kids. The ambiance is always so Filipino!

Being silly with the kiddo at Jollibee Basak in Mactan

Jollibee spaghetti brings back childhood memories 
and I want to share these memories with Dabby.

My husband, Mark, usually blurts out how I always love to order Jollibee Spaghetti. "You're like a kid", he would say. What he doesn't know is that I love about Jollibee spaghetti not only because how the sauce is very delicious. It has the right kind of sweetness for the tastebuds of Filipinos. It's not just that but also because it brings back memories. 

Peek a boo! I wonder
which one is more challenging
for Dad - the game or Dabby's silliness.
Jollibee spaghetti brings back childhood memories and I want to share these memories with Dabby. For me, you will never be truly a Filipino kiddo if you won't miss the taste of Jollibee spaghetti.

Dabby loves his iPad. He plays games and enjoys playing it  every weekend when we take a break from school. I think he got this from, well, both me and my husband. 

We're both gamers before and he is still one now. I think that's where Dabby got his talent where he easily gets figures out how to play games on his iPad or on the computer.

That is also why he tends to be very silly because of the games he is playing and he also became very competitive.

Sharing a bite with dad!

But even with all the competition with dad, nothing is better than being able to share a bite with him. And why not with a Jollibee spaghetti. It's meaty and has the chunkiest slices of ham and sausages fit for the hungry dads around the world!

With our mobile (working and studying from home) setup in the family, any chance to hangout together outside the home is very much welcome. And, if we're not studying or working, we spend the hours together visiting our favorite places and hanging out at cafes for example.

Big, big, and big big family jump shot!
Yet one of the blessings of having Jollibee branches around the block is that you can easily order online from the website and have your fix of Jollibee spaghetti delivered to you. Such convenience! Working and studying from home is more fun when you can have your Jollibee spaghetti delivered to your doorstep!

Working and studying from home is more fun
when you can have your Jollibee spaghetti
delivered to your doorstep!
Here are more shots we gathered and spaghettiest moments shared with the family. Hope you enjoyed this! 

The Gang: Hobbes, The Cat in a Hat,
Dabby, Andoy the Android

Stand your ground!
No one messes with this crew!

Nothing like the Spaghettiest smile!

Thank you so much Jollibee for having us as a part of this and sharing our family's spaghettiest moment!

How about you? Do you have your Spaghettiest moments that you would like to share?