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Visiting Ersao Cebu Chinese Restaurant

Ever since Farley hinted that the place is owned by his classmate before, we have been meaning to visit Ersao Cebu at Jcentre Mall in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu.

We've previously walked by the shop before when we were strolling around the mall but never got to stay at the place.

When Farley mentioned the place had milktea, I immediately wanted to visit and see if it was at par with our usual Chatime and Serenitea.

We'll it was not at the level of these two but the place was decent enough to merit a star for the service and the food.

We're so picky with our seats so when we saw that all the couches at the side were taken, Mark hesitated. Almost all of the chairs were lounge chairs so it wasn't a problem. We got to use the area below tje air-conditioning though so it wad VERY cold.

Outlet was the next order of business and we're glad that they do have outlet for almost each are. It was laden with outlets so no excuse.

Milktea was the next in line and we ordered our usual chocolate, pearl, mango versions for Mark, me, and Dabby respectively. They didn't have mango green tea so Dabby had to pick the mango shake.
The wifi password was immediately shown to me and it's goos to know it's free. In fact, the draft for this post is made here at Ersao and much satisfied with it although it becomes a bit slow at times.

I am not a fan of their milktea as it's not at par with Chatime and Serenitea but it's just ok. The shake is better. They have affordable food and it makes it a good pitch for the place.

We tried their pork steamed dumplings - 10 pieces and wasn't disappointed. I got the chili sauce to go with it from their free condiments section. They got loads of choices to perk up your food order.
The dumplings were gone in less than 10mins as it was yummy.

So the rest of the time we stayed with us busy with our tablets and kindle. Probably the thing you would hate when reading here is other people talking with their loud voices ad if they're the only people in the world. They also have TV showing latest movies in Jcentre and lounge music which adds to the noise plus other noises from outside the store.

Would we return? About 55% chance. Visit them on Facebook at