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At Home in Boracay at Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds

What do you usually do when it's your first time travel in a place? Do you take a huge amount of photos, make sure to talk to the locals, and detail everything that unfolds during your trip?

Or do you just take the time and let things reveal itself to you?

I did the latter. 

It wasn't a trip that could end all trip. Habagat (the onslaught of rain) was out to ruin the experience. But along the way, the little joys that show itself are more than enough for us to be thankful for. Just like when they say that "Home is where the heart is", we found a "home" in Boracay.

Dabby, Marc, and I traveled from Manila to Kalibo and found ourself wondering what made us dive into a very long and tiring trip. I was expecting a couple of hours on the road but we ended up spending the afternoon on a plane, then a bus, then a ferry, then a van and finally arrived at our destination: Boracay Island.

We were booked for Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds for 3 nights and 4 days and having a second home in a place designed for foreigners make the trip worth talking about.

On Arrival

What I liked about the place when we arrived was being greeting by an accommodating staff. We were given wet towels, water, and chocolates! That's how guests should be welcomed right?

Micah, their front desk officers, was also the one who helped answer my queries via email. He helped with the booking, the airport transfer, and other trip details. When we met him finally, I initially though Micah was a girl. I was wrong of course. :)

He gave us the details on where to go and also information on where to take our daily breakfast which is at Paddles (more on this on another post!).

D was enjoying the chocolates given to us. I finished most of it though. It only took a few minutes for them to get our room ready for our stay.

Tip: If you have kids with you, don't forget to let 
them ring the welcome bell at the gate. :)

Our Standard Room

For the stay, we were given Room 101. It's a standard room with 2 beds, aircon, cable television, working desk, and hot and cold shower.

Here are their standard rates from the Facebook page:

Here are some photos inside our room.

Tip: If you stay at the ground floor level near the 
front desk, you'll have access to a blazing fast 
internet connection!

The View Around Agos Boracay - Tour

What made the place very homey is that there's a garden that greets you when you arrive. It's very lush and I can only imagine once the grasses grow, it's going to look really fabulous!

On our free day, we were able to get Micah to tour us around the place. They have 4 levels in total. The last floor contains a sun deck where you can get a birds eye view of the place and also of Station 3 and Bulabog beach.

These are the rooms where their long stay guests are staying. Usually they are the tour guides who make a living out of  helping the visitors go around the island.

Taking a photo with me and kiddo. Behind us is the awesome scenery!

This is one of the view from the deck. It's the whole Boracay Regency.

This view is breathtaking from above the deck.

The Family Room

What's notable when we went around was the family room. It's affordable at around Php 4,500 per day. Although the room wasn't ready yet when we took a peek, D immediately got curious seeing the stairs. We went back to our room but he was nagging me to see what he can find at the top of the stairs. So I ended up letting Micah take D back upstairs and having him see the top deck.

Other Details You Shouldn't Miss

For breakfast, it is usually included in their rates. 

Correction: I received an update from the owner and she gave the following details about the breakfast --

*Not included in the rates and we don’t put it in any of our materials because we have no control over our partner restaurant. But to surprise/ delight our guests, we sometimes give complimentary breakfast J As of today, we put our complimentary breakfast on hold because PDKSP(Paddles) has merged with Smoke Resto—no agreement yet re breakfast.

It is not within the vicinity of Agos but very near and just 2mins walk away. It gets you the daily exercise you need to jumpstart your day.

So to those who want to know where is this located exactly, here is their Facebook map posted:

Overall, the place is a good choice for those travelling on a budget and in a group. It may not be at the beachfront but it has a great view of the island and very accommodating staff to make sure your stay is just like being at home.

Hostel Name: Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds
Opened: May 2013
Location: 5608 Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

Contact Info
Phone: 0925 506 2467

Experience the casual and homey feel of family-operated Agos Boracay Rooms+Beds.

Agos Boracay, a family operated room and bed lodging, is at the heart of Boracay island. Located between the famous White Beach and Bulabog Beach where kite surfers congregate, Agos Boracay provides a breathtaking view of the best beaches Boracay island can offer.

Agos Boracay is a few minutes walk from Boracay hotspots like D'Mall & D'Talipapa. The atmosphere is relaxing and homey, and guests may book daily, weekly, or monthly.