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Shakes in Boracay, Station 1 at Mamita's Grill and Restaurant

What choice do you have when you are dying (well, not really) from the heat and want to drink something so bad? You grab the nearest and coldest option. Shakes!

We found ourselves ordering their mango shakes in Mamita's Grill and Restaurant to drown off the heat. Marco ordered chocolate banana shake though and it tastes great!

We gave them too much business that day as we also opted to go back from our Boat Station 1 walk, went back to the restaurant, and ordered their mouth watering crispy pata. No photo of that one because we were too hungry to even take a photo.

There was a group there who were having a drinking session and also swimming at the beach front. I guess if you are looking for a place with less people trying to peddle you something, you can stay here.

When the weather suddenly changed, the staff were one of the quickest I saw clearing up everything that could possibly be affected by the strong winds and rains. They immediately put up the cover for the doors and windows, arranged the chairs out, and removed the umbrellas and posters outside the restaurant. I guess they have been doing that everyday as they were very efficient!