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Unli-Meat! Churrasco Dining Experience at Ibiza Beach Club

Here's one happy camper sitting at the netted lounge area at Ibiza Beach Club. And you know why? Because even at Level 5 of the Churrasco Dining, she is full, gratified, and ready to call it a night. Yes, that's me. And here's our family's Churrasco Grill experience at Ibiza Beach Club in Movenpick Hotel Mactan.

What is Churrasco? Ibiza Beach Club Churrasco Grill is "the most gratifying Churrasco experience that guests have surely encountered so far features dishes that mainly focus on a wide variety of exotically marinated meats grilled to perfection, cut and served directly at their table. Guests are able to walk away with a truly unique dining experience. " It's open every 6PM – 10PM daily at Ibiza Beach Club in Movenpick Hotel Mactan.

The experience starts at Php 2,000 per person and Php 2,500 if it includes the house wine. 

You start off with their salad appetizer lined up and ready for your choosing. Make sure you don't fill yourself up too much with salad as your goal is to taste all the 14 meat courses!

At the start of the main course, you get to choose the knife you want to use. You're also given a round chip with two colors - red and green. And it's kind of obvious what it means. Red for "stop serving me". Green for "keep 'em coming"!

You'll then get a plate garnished and ready for the meat courses. It has sauce with chorizo, flavored rice, buttered corn, and veggies.

You'll also get a plateful of sauce choices. We do wish there was gravy though.

Now we're ready!

Here's an autoawesomed photo of the chef/staff from Movenpick that served us the grilled parrot fish meat. Dish #1 of the 14 that will be served to you.

When the meat #2 - rib eye meat was served, you'll soon realize that the only way to survive each level is to actually just take a bite of each meat served. This was one of our "mistakes" as we wanted to survive each level. Mark himself finished a slab of the rib eye and had barely room for the next meat served.

Okay, so Meat #3, prawns!

At level #6, I took a break at the net lounge area and lounged about. Also took a photo of the sea urchins under that net. I realized that if in case you fall straight to the sea, these are the guys that will greet you. Looks too spiky! 

And so, we just enjoyed the wonderful DJ music, the sight and sounds of Ibiza that night. Even though we're only until level 6, it was enough experience for us. It tickled our palates and minds. 

 So eventually, we missed 8 more meat to taste and went straight to dessert. Churrasco pineapple! It's grilled pineapple served in a plate with yogurt and peanuts. :)

It's a dining experience you shouldn't miss! Check it out at Movenpick Hotel's Ibiza Dining Club when you visit.