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New Official Tambayan: De Kaffe Luwak at JCentre Mall in Cebu

Wednesday is usually our break-free day - a day to finally get out of the house and get some air. There is such as thing as cabin fever for us. It's when you get so grumpy because of staying indoors for a long time.

Went to our usual tambayan at Tablea but then all our favorite spots are taken. There's only two tables there that we like where we can both be comfy and where we can charge our gadgets. Unfortunately it was taken. So we resorted to exploring around to see if there's vacancy in the other cafes.

Glad we did do some exploring because we discovered De Kaffe Luwak. 

When you get inside, you immediately notice the weird earthly smell. I like it. :)

There's the front spot with couches and outlet. And it wasn't taken! Lucky me. We took the spot and blessed it as "our spot" if ever we visit there again.

Why did I say "if ever"? Because the place was a tad bit more expensive than our usual Tablea. We ordered frappucino and iced tea in a bottle and ended up paying a total of Php 275.

Wifi is working well. Comfort room is clean. People are nice and NOT noisy. Baristas are just the way we like them - quiet and minding their own business. 

But we'll definitely visit again if our spot is taken at Tablea.