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The Asian in Us at Ibiza Beach Club's Asian Fusion Sunday Buffet

Truly Asia! That's what you would first say when you get experience Asian Fusion Sunday Buffet at where else, but the Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Hotel.

When you go there make sure you've budgeted well because it's a bit pricey if you're not used to dishing out around Php1,500 - Php2,000 per person for a buffet.

But it's definitely worth it with the wide array of food to choose from. Take a look at our photos below and see if you won't  be enticed into trying it out for yourself.

We visited Ibiza again before we said goodbye to Movenpick during our overnight stay. The staff was super accommodating. We even knew some of them from breakfast and the Churasco dinner.

Here's our table during the visit. So sosyal!

Life is short so as usual, desserts first!

They also gave us three flavors of cocktail to try out. I would go back for the Fusion Madness!

Asian Bubbly - Mango puree, grenadine, ginger infused vodka top with celebrus

Sparking Delight - Lychee puree, lychee infused gin topped with celebrus

Fusion Madness - Passion fruit puree, peach snappes, lemon grass infused gin topped with celebrus

Thank you again Movenpick Cebu for the awesome experience!