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The Story of Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds

When I asked the staff and owner of Agos Boracay their story, they were very honest to point out that they haven't drafted one before although they know their story by heart. They promised to send it over though. So here is Agos Boracay's story for you guys to see how awesome it is.

On January 1975, a couple in their twenties and their friends first set foot on the pristine waters of Boracay. They were completely enamored with the island and so they regularly went there in the 1980’s as a married couple, through the 1990’s and the 2000’s.

On January 2012, the family decided to spend 10 days in Boracay specifically in Station 2 in a beachfront accommodation. By a twist of fate, the couple stumbled upon an empty lot for sale steps up from the main road in Station 2. The family is used to hosting foreign and local guests from a priest, to a couple to as many as 20 pax in their Quezon City residence. Entertaining is something that comes naturally.

When the construction of the 4 story building was close to finish and the property goal had metamorphosed from the whole building for rent, to a lodging place for on the job trainees in the big island hotels, to individual rooms to let to Filipino and foreign tourists on a daily, weekly and monthly bases, a decision was arrived at to try having guests over just like they were doing at home. Two of the four children resigned from their corporate jobs in Makati to take on the challenge of running this place. Crash courses on housekeeping and front desk operations were pursued.

A family consensus was reached to refer to this place as “rooms + beds” to come across as a simple no frills place, a hotel alternative that is simple and basic. Soon tag lines and operational pursuits developed: comfort & connectivity, peace & security, casual and homey which capture the essence of the place.

The young professionals currently alternate manning the front desk and double as concierge. The friendly and cheerful disposition of management and staff allow guests to relax. No wonder Swedes would go barefoot; the Taiwanese would gather to eat al fresco on the rooftop terrace; the Koreans would smoke in the gazebo; the Chinese would open the full length windows along the corridors; the Russians would play cards at the lobby and the Filipinos would engage the staff in small talk…that is when guests aren’t on the beach swimming, partying, sunbathing or shopping. agos boracay rooms + beds pleasantly anticipate entertaining guests of different nationalities.