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First Time at Larsian sa Fuente Osmena in Cebu

Whenever I talk about our incapacity to go around the known spots in Cebu, I usually attribute it to the fact that we are so busy with both homeschooling and business that we have not really added in local spots on our weekly itinerary. Yesterday, we had an impromptu, first-time visit to one of Cebu's most famous landmarks - Larsian sa Fuente

After our walkathon adventure at Osmena Boulevard and our failed attempt to visit Chu-un Temple yesterday, we decided to proceed to Larsian. I read somewhere that it is beside Chonghua Hospital so it was quite easy to locate.

We proceeded to ride a jeep that had a B. Rodriguez label to backtrack our pace. Along the way, we saw that road that we walked just to get to Chu un Temple and told the driver to drop us off at Chonghua. By then, we know the driver won't do that so we proceeded to ask him if we can get off already. One of the passengers told us Larsian is before Chonghua so that was an added tip. Thanks lady!

When we got off and crossed the road, we thought it was more walking. But then it was just there at the left side of that small road going to Chonghua.

Upon entering Larsian, we were bombarded with staff and stall owners that want us to eat at their place! We realized that the whole place is like a box where the sides are lined with stalls or suites having different owners. All the tables are long with around 9 people on each table side. Each stall owns around 3 tables each.

Each stall sell basically the same products! Basic barbecue stick costs Php5 per stick. The bigger one costs Php15 per stick. My husband's favorite is the marlin cut that costs around Php85-95.

We chose to stay a stall that was near the comfort room and the washing area for convenience and for the fact that there wasn't much people there and that their marlin is only Php 85. 

Aside from the barbecue sticks, we also ordered one piece of chicken leg worth Php 65.

Choose the sticks or pieces that you want for the group and the choose maybe a liter or two of softdrinks. For the puso, they give you a tray or two with 10 pieces each. They place it on your table and it's up to you to consume as much as you want. They will just add the taken pieces on your bill later. 

It would have been nice though if they used banana leaves to serve the food but they just used regular plates covered with plastic for you to eat on. They will also give you one piece of glove each but we didn't use ours at all and just proceed to eat by hand. 

When we finished, we asked the bill to be calculated as it is a pay-later model. We paid a total of Php 360 for the three of us. I think it was "sulit" at around Php 120 per person.

It was an awesome first time experience at Larsian. We would definitely go back soon!