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Happy Day with the Jollibee Kids Club

Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Have you seen your friends streams of #100HappyDays on Instagram? On Facebook? They are inspiring, awesome, and sometimes - updates you would want to covet. I see streams of food shots, happy faces, milestones, or just little bits of things to be thankful for.

Last April 26th was a Saturday to remember and remember the day we will. Because if I were doing  a #100HappyDays entry, this would be one of the mentions.

We were invited to the launch of the Jollibee Kids Club HappyPlus Card. And from how it turned out, we are hoping to still be part of the club moving forward. 

When you start your day with a plate of your favorite Jollibee Chickenjoy and finish off with a plate of the nostalgia-inducing spaghetti, you're set to see the world in a different color.

After our early lunch, we were off to Ayala Center Cebu. Little did we know that we were off to an adventure for the day. And the good thing is that, if you are part of the Jollibee Kids Club and have the HappyPlus card, these things are just part of your membership. 

When we arrived, it was jam-packed with a parents and guardians with their kids. They were all ready to have fun with the other club members. The program has not started yet but the good thing was that there were a lot of activities in the area to keep the little kids distracted. Little kiddo got to try glittered tattoo. To note, we had a matching design with different colors. Made me happy!

My favorite was his spider face tattoo. When he requested for it, I thought it would just be one spider on his face. When the artist was working on it, I took a glimpse and was surprised to see how it became a canvas of awesomeness.

Cupcaking decorating was also one of the sought after activities. Imagine people lining up to get cupcakes. It was where we had to wait for a long time because they have to wait for the table to clear before letting more people in. Nevertheless, kiddo made super awesome cupcakes!

Aside from these activities, there's also a corner where kids can play and dance, a place where you can read books, create bookmarks, and everyone's favorite - the photobooth.

I love how Jollibee aims to make kids more well rounded by encouraging the "development of a child's multiple intelligence (social skills) through a variety of activities and workshops".

What I loved is being given the Happy Plus Card. With the same convenience as a debit card, you can get to load the card and use it purchase food when you're in Jollibee. It can also give you the perk of being included in raffles for great prizes. You can check the website linked above for more info.

It was a fun-filled day and looking forward to more days like these with the Jollibee Kids Club. Want to be a member? Click on the image below to read full details: