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Not for the Fainthearted - Fitness Festival 2014 at Pueblo Verde, MEZII, Basak, Lapulapu City

If you have a fitness goal, you stick to it, no matter what. You also need to get out there and find the motivation to push forward and not get swayed by the temptations along the way.

Busy moms like me have barely the time to do so. I personally squeeze in a couple of minutes of cardio and the rest of my running to meetings takes care of the rest. I admit, I need more exercise though.

We sat together for a presscon of the Fitness Festival last Tuesday. I was hungry but thankfully, they served food minus the guilt in Shabuway.  Talk about being fit (or trying to be!).

Oh, did I mention a Fitness Festival? Yes, there's an incoming one from AboitizLand's Pueblo Verde and we're ramping up the mention of the event to make sure that those who love to showcase their skills and fitness gather up in one venue at Pueblo Verde and join the challenges set out for them.

WHAT: Fitness Festival 2014
WHEN: May 31, 2014, Saturday
WHERE: Pueblo Verde, MEZII, Basalk, Lapulapu City

In line with AboitizLand's 20th anniversary, Pueblo Verde invites you to the Fitness Festival of the year! Join us this May 31, Saturday for a challenge-filled, adrenaline-pumping, sweat-inducing whole afternoon of fun!


Start of with with METAFit Fearless Showdown with Coach Alan Choachuy, winner of The Biggest Loser.  

Bring in your family and team for a Family/Group Fun Run

Gather up for a Dance Party Marathon and announcing of winners to end your day.

Check out the poster above for more details on how and where to register!